1. Volunteer Time, Goods, and/or Services


If you would like to help us maintain our adopted LA River greenway, please contact us to schedule an event. Our ongoing efforts include:

– Mitigating litter & graffiti,
– Removal of invasive, non-native plant species,
– Mulching to restore the soil,
– Planting native plants to restore natural habitat and more.

Help us contribute to the rebirth of the Los Angeles River. Let’s work together to turn our adopted section of the river into an area that can be enjoyed by residents of our community.

Since Village Gardeners is a 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Professional services that would be helpful to us include advertising, graphic design, printing, landscape design, tree-trimming, etc.

Volunteer help could include office help, help with mailings, fund-raising, completing grant applications, community & special events, and help on special projects with site preparation, planting, mulching, trimming and clean-up. We give community service hours.


Contact: info@thevillagegardeners.org.
Tel: 818-667-7605.

2. Adopt-A-Riverbank: Sponsor the Village Gardeners!

Become a sponsor by making a qualified cash contribution to the Village Gardeners Adopt-A-Riverbank Sponsorship Program and your generosity will be acknowledged with the posting of a beautiful full-color sponsorship sign in a prominent LA Riverwalk Greenway location.

The Village Gardeners relies on the generosity of sponsors for its ongoing efforts in restoring and maintaining the LA River Greenway and your funds support the following:
· Mitigation of litter, graffiti & illegally dumped items in and near the greenway
· Weekly trash service along the river, where municipal service is non-existent
· Gutter sweeping and catch basin clearing along the greenway
· Pruning trees & shrubs before they impede the flow of traffic
· Removing invasive, non-native plant species
· Replanting the slopes with an all-native combination of drought-tolerant trees, shrubs and groundcovers
· Mulching to restore the soil and to conserve water
· Pet waste disposal bag stations
· Partnering with community groups to promote environmental education
· Creating river-themed Public Art Projects
· Partnering with LA County and LA City to plan the groundbreaking, planting and ongoing restoration goals and schedules
· And more….

Please call us to learn how you or your company can Adopt-A-Riverbank:

The Village Gardeners
11684 Ventura Blvd., #343
Studio City CA 91604
Tel: (818) 788-8531
Fax: (818) 986-4635